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How To Prevent Your Dryer From Catching on Fire

October 22, 2014



I have to get there before the fire spreads to the walls, I thought to myself as I raced towards our friend’s house yesterday. Then I remembered they had a gas dryer and my heart sank. Nothing shoots fear through my body like the thought of a possible explosion. A minute later I was running […]

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How To Grow Your Business on Craigslist

June 22, 2014



A few months ago, a friend of mine came over to have coffee and talk about business. He shared with me that he was struggling to get very much business from his Craigslist listing in the service section. So I suggested a number of changes to both the listing and his pricing. The results even […]

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How To Get A Job That Pays You More Than Money

June 13, 2014



There are almost 10 million people that are unemployed in the United States right now. Some are in a position to start their own business. Most others are going to need to find a job. But how? How do they stick out in a crowded field of applicants that is often hundreds deep? Where should they apply for […]

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10 Ways to Make Money on Craigslist This Summer

May 1, 2014



Everybody likes to have a little extra money when summertime comes around. It’s coming up with creative ideas for making extra cash that can be hard part. So I spent a while today thinking back about all my favorite methods of making money in the summer. I came up with ten. They are in no […]

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Why You Should Teach

April 23, 2014



“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” ― William Arthur Ward There are people all over the world that want to learn what you already know. They need people like you to step up and teach them. Teach them what you are passionate about and why. […]

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How to Make $200 Cleaning an Oven

April 3, 2014



There are few things that people hate more in life than cleaning their oven. People dread the prospect of cleaning filthy ovens and would rather give them away or sell them for peanuts than clean them. Multiple times a month we will make anywhere from $100-$200 simply by cleaning an oven and then reselling it. […]

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6 Steps to Starting A Successful Blog

March 19, 2014



Here’s how most blogs start. After reading advice from other bloggers about how to start and run successful blogs, you spend a few hours in a burst of activity and inspiration giving birth to your blog that’s going to teach people a new way to look at the world. You then spend a ton of […]

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The Secret to Selling on Craigslist

December 29, 2013



You seem like someone I can trust, so I’ll take it, she said.  A surprising number of people have said the same thing. After talking with me for a few minutes on the phone, I estimate at least 90% of callers end up making a purchase. So what is it that closed the deal?  I […]

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How I Get Items From the Free Section On Craigslist

November 10, 2013



I no longer respond to ads on the free section by telling people I can come right away. I’ve given up. There are so many people sitting on there trying to get the items that it’s not worth my time competing to be the first to respond. The thing is, you don’t have to be […]

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How To Make Money Selling Scrap Metal

October 24, 2013



I used to be fascinated by the scrap metal trucks driving around town and often wondered how the world of scrap metal worked. How much money are they making each day? How much is the metal actually worth? What do they do with it? Then one day a few years ago I decided to find […]

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