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The Things We Used To Love

August 24, 2015



Before this day is over, I want you to go do something you love. Something you stopped doing for one reason or another. Life changes, jobs change, you got married, had kids, moved, income goes up and down and sideways, our friends change and on and on. Some of our most favorite activities in the […]

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Good Ideas Are Always Crazy Until They’re Not

June 12, 2015



“Good ideas are always crazy until they’re not.” – Larry Page Do you want to make something that’s never been built? Do you want to solve a problem that other people don’t believe exists? Want to go down a career path that doesn’t make sense to anyone else you know? Want to upset an industry […]

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The Power of a Comment on Hacker News

May 18, 2015



A little over three years ago I wrote a blog post that made it to the front page of Hacker News. It was entitled How to Make It on Craigslist, and I wrote it for Priceonomics to share how I was earning my living on Craigslist. A lot of people commented on the post, but […]

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Your Mobile Provider Isn’t Worth a Year of Your Life

December 9, 2014



An entire year of my life. I finally snapped. It happened when I realized that by the time I turned 60 years old, I would have spent an entire year of my life working just to pay for the “privilege” of using Verizon’s cell phone network. I have been paying $155 a month for me […]

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How Craigslist Can Be the Ultimate Part Time Job

September 2, 2014



If you are looking for a part time job right now, stop for a moment and read this post. I believe everyone looking for part time work should consider Craigslist for many reasons. You have total control over what days you work, how many hours, and how much money you make.  You can bring your […]

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It’s Time To Move Forward

August 3, 2014



Five years ago I would have never imagined I would be where I am today. Not only were we broke, behind on all sorts of payments, but we also had almost 25k in high interest credit card debt. I didn’t have consistent work and needed to find a way to provide for my family and […]

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10 Things to Remember When Starting a Business

June 8, 2014



“My father could have been a great comedian, but he didn’t believe that that was possible for him, and so he made a conservative choice. Instead, he got a safe job as an accountant. When I was 12 years old, he was let go from that safe job, and our family had to do whatever […]

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Why You Should Teach

April 23, 2014



“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” ― William Arthur Ward There are people all over the world that want to learn what you already know. They need people like you to step up and teach them. Teach them what you are passionate about and why. […]

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What Paper Airplanes Have Taught Me About Success

March 12, 2014



Standing on the edge of a large cliff in the mountains of Southern Oregon, we prepared our plane for launch. The paper airplane glided back and forth across the valley below for what seemed like forever before it finally clipped the top of a tall Douglas Fir tree. It was almost magical. We had made […]

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What I’ve Learned While Working Remotely

February 25, 2014



We are just wrapping up our month long visit to the Big Island of Hawaii. I say visit and not vacation because the first two weeks here I worked a regular work day. I extended our trip because I wanted to experiment with working remotely, and I wanted our family to be here as long […]

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