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The Story of the 62 Year Old Refrigerator

June 22, 2016



The only thing cooler than picking up a excellent condition, perfectly working General Electric refrigerator from 1954, is when the owner, a 94 year old WWII veteran, comes downstairs to tell you it’s story. A few days ago I was browsing the Craigslist appliance section here in Portland, Or (we are back from Hawaii visiting […]

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How I Got A Concussion While Surfing

December 9, 2015



Everything went black. When the light returned, my head was spinning and I was overcome with dizziness. This is not good, I’m not in good shape I thought. Then I turned around and my heart sunk.  Building up and moments from crashing down on me was another wave with about a 12 ft face on […]

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Why My 9 Year Old Is Taking Over My Appliance Business

April 30, 2015



Because he wants to. I know that might sound crazy, but after shadowing me around the past 2-3 years, going with me on hundreds of deliveries, helping me diagnose, repair, clean and paint hundreds of machines, he really enjoys the used appliance business. As hard as that is to imagine, a particular work becomes more […]

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Starting Over in Hawaii

April 14, 2015



Some days I’m overcome with how incredible this place is with the warm weather, surfing and laid back lifestyle. Other times I’m in tears because of how difficult some of the adjustments can be. Moving a family of seven thousands of miles away to an island is a crazy roller coaster of an experience. So […]

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Our Move to Hawaii

February 19, 2015



After seven years of hard work, and about six months of preparation for the move, our family of seven arrived this past week in Hawaii to start the next chapter of life. The journey has been exhausting, stressful, sad, exciting, liberating and incredibly worth it. In this post I’m going to share with you a […]

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Why I Spent a Week Working Outside in a Bitterly Cold Windstorm

November 13, 2014



I struggled to hold on to the paintbrush in my hand. My face hurt, my lips were chapped, my hands were numb. I had been outside for hours in freezing temperatures and consistent 30-40 mph winds. My goal was to get all the trim put up and finished around all the new windows on our […]

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We Are Moving Back to Hawaii

September 18, 2014



Why not now? I was finally able to ask that question this past summer. I looked over at my wife one evening and asked her why not now? I told her that I thought we could make the move. Our goals had been reached. A smile quickly came over her face, and I knew that […]

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Still Earning A Living on Craigslist in 2014 Ask Me Anything

August 22, 2014



It’s time to do a new ask me anything. It’s been three years since the last one, and a lot has changed in three years. I’m still earning a living on Craigslist, though a few of my side projects such as are doing quite well. I’m working from home, have 5 incredible kids and […]

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It’s Time To Move Forward

August 3, 2014



Five years ago I would have never imagined I would be where I am today. Not only were we broke, behind on all sorts of payments, but we also had almost 25k in high interest credit card debt. I didn’t have consistent work and needed to find a way to provide for my family and […]

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What I Learned Last Week Could Be More Valuable Than My College Education

July 13, 2014



This is a guest post by Aaron Powell. Aaron is a high school music teacher who started buying and selling items on Craigslist to assist his efforts in shedding 89k of debt in two years. Fifty-Six Thousand Dollars. Eight years ago I went off to college to follow my dream of being a school music teacher. I […]

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