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I love hearing stories and questions from my readers! I do get a lot of emails, so if you have a question or need advice, keep the email as concise as possible so I can read it in under 30 seconds. If you would like to share a story or how the site has helped you, I love reading those, it just might take me longer to get back to you.

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26 Responses to “Contact Me”

  1. Len Says:

    Hi Ryan,
    I’ve written before. I want to tell you about a great thing the lil woman got me. It is an over the head headset for my phone; I use an iPhone 4s but you can use it on your phone too. It is a complete 2 ear headset with microphone and the best part… you can listen to Dave Ramsey on I Heart Radio (or any show on any app) and when a phone call comes in, it interrupts the radio and goes to the phone. Under $30 on ebay.

    Just thought I’d let you know about it.

    I appreciate your time you devote to the site. The next time I’m on I’ll have the info to leave a nice tip. It’s about midnight in Texas and that info is in the bedroom. lol



  2. Tom Says:

    Hi Ryan,
    I found your article out at and read it with great interest. I have a pretty successful career going in the IT industry with a 6 figure income, but I also have a big family and even with this decent income things tend to be very tight. I’ve been looking for a way to bring in a few extra bucks and I’ve always wanted to get a Craigslist or Ebay (or both) type of business going. My career is also very stressful so the ultimate goal would be to be able to quit my job and have my own business, but that’s way down the road and I don’t want to bite off too much.

    Right now my wife and I are starting modestly, very modestly; we want to sell one thing a week and then see where it goes. Maybe we’ll get to two things a week, then three, etc. Anyway, I found your article motivating and just thought I would say thank you. I’ll be looking through your blog for more tips. Thank you for your time and generosity in sharing this.


    • Ryan Says:

      Hi Tom, thanks for the kind words. I have no doubt that you will be successful in the Craigslist venture. Let me know if you have any questions and I would love to hear how things are progressing. – Ryan


  3. Bonnie Blair Says:

    Thanks Ryan, for the great piece on homeschooling.


  4. Alexa Says:

    Hello Ryan,
    I love, love, love your website. I just ran into it after going from site to site and I adore your articles. I particularly agree with the points mentioned in the homeschooling article.
    Thank you and keep going!


  5. Dennis Says:

    Hi Ryan i have a few 80 series kenmore washers that shake a little they work fine they are both over 10 yr old is this normal or should i be looking for something thanks for all your help


    • Ryan Finlay Says:

      First thing is to make sure they are level, and if they aren’t, adjust the front legs until the front is level from side to side. Once that’s done, tilt the machine forward for a moment, then set it back down again and the rear legs should self level. That should take care of the shaking.


  6. Jordy Says:

    Want to thank you for such great opinions… too much text book blah out there

    nice to hear a well written suggestion for washing machines used.

    thanks again



  7. Paul Kim Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    I came across your website searching for “How to sell or get rid of my refrigerator.”

    My refrigerator is a 2007 side by side Frigidaire Refrigerator. I am trying to get rid of it because my mother does not like the color of it and it is not as strong as before.

    The bottom line is, “There really is no need for 2 refrigerators”. I just would like to get rid of it.

    I have called the scap yard people but they will not tow it out there and for the price they said, “10 cents per pound, I don’t think it is worth it.”

    What do you think? Could I get more for the refrigerator than that? Do you have have any suggestions?



    • Ryan Finlay Says:

      I would put it up for $100 in the appliance section and I bet it will sell pretty quick. Keep it plugged in so people can see it working. Take a few good pictures and write a decent description and you should sell it pretty quickly. Hope that helps.


  8. Sony Says:

    Greetings Ryan… In 1994 i closed down my bodybuilding gym. Since that time
    my garage has been filled with 45 pound cast iron plates, iron plate racks
    and all iron dumbells from 60-100 pounds. Any idea who would want it and do
    they pay you if they pick it up. I’m a senior in Queens,NY


    • Ryan Finlay Says:

      You could sell that stuff for a good bit of money, especially the dumbbells and the racks. I would look them up on your local Craigslist to see how much they are being listed for by others. Hope that helps.


  9. Eric Says:

    I read a couple articles you wrote last year when I was trying to earn an extra $1K per month for debt payoff. I’m happy to say that I had $40K in profits in 2014 and just do this on the side. It takes me about 15 hours per week to list, ship, and find items to buy/sell. Most of my sales are eBay and Amazion, but some of my inventory comes from Craigslist. I really appreciate the help getting started and giving me some ideas to work from.


  10. Dennis Says:

    Yo Ryan
    can you see any profit in buying non working high priced front loader W & D cheap and parting them out. New parts cost on them are sky high is there a market? thx


    • Ryan Finlay Says:

      It’s possible, the used parts market is pretty good on ebay. It’s worth trying it out on a machine or two and seeing how it goes. I haven’t gotten into it much because it’s kind of tedious work, lots of labeling, storing etc. Let me know how it goes.


  11. Jim Says:

    discovered your site searching for info on selling through craigslist. will probably have many questions in the future as i proceed. we are KC royals fans and “JGuts” is one of my fav pitchers. pretty cool that you and he were friends. anyway thanks in advance for all this info


  12. Chastity Says:

    Hi Ryan!

    Still reading through your site and finding new tips and tricks every day. Thank you for this. I wanted to ask your opinion on listing items in one ad. Similar to like when people list items for moving sales.

    For people like us who want to make a hustle off of selling on CL is there any benefit to having individual ads for each item vs an ad with multiple items?

    Thanks in advanced for your reply!



    • Ryan Finlay Says:

      I think it’s best to list the items separately, and if you want to have other ads, you can have Craigslist put a button on your ads that allow people to see all your listings.

      Hope that helps


  13. Catherine Says:

    I have so much stuff to sell do you know anyone who would help and charge commission for this service I have not time


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