The Craigslist Score and Scrap


I wanted to follow up yesterday’s post with another example of a free item I got today.  Today’s free item was a large upright freezer.  If this freezer would have been as advertised, it would have sold for $100.  However, as you can see in the pictures at the right, the seals were shot, allowing air into the freezer and moisture to build up.  Though the duck tape was a nice touch, I still decided that this freezer needed to be scrapped.

I used the techniques I described in yesterday’s post to be the first to respond out of 87 other responders in the first 45 minutes.  After picking up the freezer, I brought the freezer home to remove the compressor.  The compressor is located at the lower/backside of the freezer or refrigerator.  It must be removed before you can take it to the scrap yard.

Once removed, I drove the freezer to the scrap yard.  As you drive in, they weigh your vehicle and trailer (if you are hauling one).  You then drive in and either unload your metal by hand or have the giant magnet unload it for you.  After you’ve unloaded the metal, you drive back onto the scale with a little drive-thru booth, and collect either cash or a check.  I wanted you to see the end of this freezer, so I recorded the video below.  Things don’t always go as planned.  In this case I still did well because the freezer was worth $38.25.

How to scrap an appliance for money



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