The Craigslist Farmer


I hate waking up to dark-grey skies and never ending rain. The weather in Portland is terrible in the winter. It’s cold, windy and always raining. I few years back it rained 100 days straight.  It affects business. Craigslist use for most items drops by over half when it’s nasty and rainy outside. I don’t have any proof of this, other than my numbers go way down as soon as the skies open up and begin pouring down liquid depression all over the city.  The combination is horrible.  Getting out of bed in the morning becomes the day’s biggest hurdle.

The Craigslist Farmer

A farmer and I have a lot in common here in Oregon.  I do double to triple the business in the spring and summer than I do in the winter.  In the summer, it’s easy to make a good chunk of money and then take it easy the rest of the day or week. I deserve it for all the months of despair I just went through!  When your tempted to do that, remember these wretched, stormy days.  If you need to take some time off, take it in the winter. Go somewhere warm.  A day off in the summer for me is like taking 3 days off in the winter.  Taking a weekend off to go camping is awesome, just don’t make a habit of it unless your sitting on some very good reserves.

Diversify crops

Smaller items like electronics and computers seem not to be affected quite so much. They are also easy to transport.  Focusing on on items that are stored indoors and don’t require trucks or trailers to haul is a wise move in terrible weather. Focus on the items that people are still going to be buying in the winter if you need to make money right away.

Buying air conditioners in the winter is another good investment if you can afford to wait for your return.  You can get them for almost nothing in the winter.  Store them away in a shed and sell them in the summer the first time it gets up into the 90’s.  Double or triple your investment!  Don’t want to drive around and pick them up, place an ad that people can drop get cash for air conditioners anytime.  People will bring them to you, trust me.  Do the same for other summer products like camping gear, lawnmowers and other yard equipment etc.

Keep your chin up

It might rain all day. You might not sell anything.  You might want to smash your computer and jump off a bridge.  Keep your chin up. Don’t give up.  Learn something from the day’s experience and use it to motivate you to fight harder the next day.  On really crappy days like this, you need to make sure you take care of yourself.  Don’t binge drink or eat yourselves into an oblivion.  Force yourself to go down and jog a few miles at the gym and come home and read a book on the life of a successful businessman or entrepreneur.  You will often be very encouraged as you read the stories of some of the most successful people our country has ever produced, and the adversity they had to overcome. You are not alone in your circumstances.


  1. I’m also guessing that when someone’s gone to the trouble to load a heavy item like an air conditioner (or portable generator, power washer, etc.) in their car and drive across town with it, they’re going to be pretty flexible on price rather than hauling the thing back home…


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