792 Adult Diapers


I laughed almost to tears as we were driving away with 792 adult diapers. My wife and I were unable to see our children in the back of the van. Someone had posted 11 cases of adult diapers in the free section to the first person that would come and get them.

I didn’t hesitate.

I emailed immediately and said I could come right over. Before I received his response, I looked up the market value for the trove of diapers. A few minutes later I received the man’s reply with his address, and we headed out the door. The whole family was coming since we were going out for dinner afterward.

Upon arriving at the man’s house, I quickly realized just how large the treasure was. It filled the inside of the van.  It filled the back of the van. We even had to strap three cases of diapers on top of the van.

It was the perfect snapshot of my first year buying and selling on craigslist. I had to do whatever I could to provide for my family. Sometimes it was humbling. But the bills were being paid and I was growing.

Whenever something new starts, there is an awkward and humbling period of growth. Everyone goes through it as a baby.  Every business goes through it. Don’t be afraid to grow. Don’t be embarrassed. Don’t mind people who laugh when they hear what you’re doing, or trying to do. Actually, laugh with them. Making money in unconventional ways can often lead to funny situations.

They see diapers, I see money. They see dirty scrap metal, I see over six thousand dollars from it last year. They see gross appliances, I see a very good living.

They saw two cubes of die-cast steel.  I saw $179.80
They saw two cubes of die-cast steel. I saw $179.80

Most people can’t see past today. They have no vision for what they want their life to be like in five years. I know where I want to go, and I’m going to do my best to get there. Even if it means filling up my van with adult diapers on a nice summer’s night.

The diapers sold for a little over $200. It had taken less than a half hour to get them.

Everyone ends up laughing when I tell them this story, except me. I end up smiling.


  1. Hey Ryan,
    Happy New Year to you and your family. I love your blog and get updates. I LOVE your diaper story-that’s awesome. I do the same thing as you-I’m not nearly as good at it as you though! I’m working on it everyday and reading your blog too. I also do furniture and artwork. Furniture-that is free and then sold on CL and maybe custom painted(usually)too. I always include a link on the CL ad to my Facebook Fan page and my online art shop. It works like magic!

    My funny story on CL selling I call “The GREAT paint adventure”.
    A friend worked for a local painting contractor that had 3 sheds full of 5 gallon buckets of paint, some full and unopened, some half or a little less. He offered me $600.00 to take it away for him and paid for the box truck to move it as well. $Porter Exterior Contractor Grade$
    I did it and almost went into shock at how much there actually was. The bucket truck was full, front to back, top to bottom and side to side. It was very humbling because I was TOTALLY overwhelmed. My friends did laugh and thought I was totally nuts…I’m a single Mom of 4 and always busy. I enlisted the help of my 4 free laborers (kids) and we unloaded every last bucket to my back yard into 30 neat rows of buckets stacked 4 high. It was a sight to see, let me tell you! And it drove my stuffy/nosy neighbor CRAZY.
    That was my real introduction to Craigslist. I sold that paint for 2 years-most of it for $5.00 a Gal, towards the end It went down to $3.00 a Gal. I can’t count how many Craigslisters came to my backyard for paint. Not one bad experience-besides the neighbor calling code enforcement at the end of it all. All that paint made me alot of $$ and helped me pay the bills while still being there for the kids before and after school.
    I really look forward to your posts and learning from you-thanks for sharing!


  2. Hello Ryan,
    I find your story truly amazing and inspirational. I would just like to ask how you got into the repairing aspect of the business? How did you learn to fix washers and dryers? Is it hard or is it just common sense stuff of just swapping out bad parts for working ones?

  3. Where did you sell the adult diapers?
    I recently got a bunch of them from a storage locker.
    I love your post and honest way you write keep up the good work.

  4. Hi! My name is William and I have adult diapers for sale! Problem is, I do not know where to sell them. Please, help by sharing with me how and where to sell them. Thank you!


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