How to Buy a Used Dryer


We don’t throw cars away because they need new windshield wipers or an oil change. Yet when it’s time for routine maintenance on an electric dryer, most people throw their hands up and purchase a new one. Somehow the electric dryer has become disposable, much like a toaster. Not all dryers are created equal, however, and some deserve a chance at a second life.

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UPDATE for June 2015 Where should you buy your used appliance? 

For a long time, I used to recommend people to always get their appliances on Craigslist for as cheap as possible. But over these past years, and buying thousands of low priced appliances to refurbish and then resell, I’ve learned things that have caused me to change my recommendation for people. Here are a few things I’ve learned and where I recommend you buy your next used appliance from.

1. There is something wrong with over 50% of the appliances you will buy from regular people on Craigslist. Some of the time the problem will not be known, as many owners don’t easily recognize when their machines need maintenance. Other times people will be deceptive and focus on the fact that technically the appliance still works while failing to mention quirks that they know exist, and that often issues that need to be addressed. My conclusion is that you cannot just take the word of regular appliance owners on the true condition of their appliance.

2. Almost every used dryer that I ever purchased on Craigslist had never been cleaned before, ever. This is not good as dryers need to be cleaned and serviced to make sure that there is no lint build up inside the dryer which becomes a fire hazard. Most people are not aware of the importance of yearly, or even bi-yearly maintenance or their dryer, which includes inspection of parts and a thorough cleaning.

So, for most people, I now recommend buying from a used appliance reseller. The prices you will pay are slightly higher than buying from a private party, but you are paying for a machine that has been inspected, cleaned, often painted and which includes a warranty backing up the machine. The extra value you get, the time you will save buying from an appliance business is most definitely worth it.

What kind of dryer should you buy?

Whirlpool-made electric or gas dryers are without a doubt, the best value in dryers for three simple reasons.

1. Initial Cost. They are close to, if not the least expensive dryers on the market, and they dry clothes just as well as the other brands and designs.

2. Ongoing Costs. They require the least amount of maintenance. All dryers are going to need maintenance in proportion to their use, much like cars. Whirlpool-made dryers, however, typically require the least amount maintenance, I believe because of superior design factors.

3. Repair Costs. They are the cheapest and easiest dryers to repair. The reason for this is because Whirlpool has been manufacturing these dryers for over 30 years, and the parts are inexpensive and very easy to find. The machines are also easy to work on, allowing them to be repaired quite quickly.

Again, Whirlpool makes the following traditional dryers:
Kenmore (don’t buy the stackable Kenmore dryers, as they are made by Frigidaire)
Kitchen Aid
Whirlpool now owns Maytag and Amana as well, but only models a few years old. Be careful.

Why shouldn’t you buy other brands?

Because many of them are junk. They weren’t designed very well and they break down quicker. When they break down, they are much more expensive to fix and much more difficult to work on. Like I said in the How to Buy a Used Washing Machine post, most used appliance stores and repairmen just scrap the other brands.

Should you purchase a gas or electric dryer?

Right now natural gas is really cheap and if you already have a gas setup in your house, by all means, use it. Gas dryers dry your clothes a little quicker than electric dryers as they produce more heat. Also, gas dryers are significantly cheaper than electric dryers on the used market, primarily because of less demand. But if you are already setup for an electric dryer, it will take a while to recover the costs of having a gas line installed where you need it, so you have the benefit.

How much should you pay for a used dryer?

Expect to pay anywhere from $120 to $250 for a used dryer from a used appliance seller.  Dryer power cords can cost $20-$30, so save your old one if you are getting rid of it, or try to buy your dryer from someone that can give you the correct power cord for no extra charge.

You may find a dryer cheaper buying from a private party, just know the risks going in beforehand.

What to watch out for when buying a used dryer

If you hear a whiny, screechy sound when the dryer is starting up, walk away. It’s the motor going out and that is one part that usually isn’t worth replacing unless you repair appliances for a living. (even then, most repair places don’t swap motors out).

Don’t buy a dryer if the timer isn’t advancing. Timers, along with motors, usually aren’t worth replacing as they are very expensive.

If you are buying from a private party, you need to see the dryer working before you purchase, if possible. This allows you to hear it operating, which will often reveal to you whether it needs any maintenance or not. Also, it shows that the previous owner was still able to use it themselves. When buying from a used appliance business that provides a warranty, seeing the dryer operate beforehand is not needed.

What if you can’t test the dryer out?

Take close notice of the person you are potentially buying from. Do they seem like they took care of it? Why are they selling it? Ask them if there are any issues with it at all and let them talk. In the end, you need to use your discernment and walk away if you don’t get a good feeling about the transaction. I always recommend trying to buy from the type of person you would have wanted to own the item before you.

Frequently Asked Questions (will update)

Where is the best place to buy dryer parts?
In bulk,
If you can wait a few days, then eBay or Amazon. If you go to your local parts place and pay full retail, it will cost you 3-5 times more than you will find them on eBay.

What about preventative maintenance?
Clean your lint trap before each use. I recommend taking the back panel off your dryer every few years and vacuuming the lint, hair, and dust from inside the dryer. You can also use an air compressor to blow everything out, making sure to blow out the heating element last. Also, after turning your dryer on, go check where the air exits the house and make sure the airflow is good and that there isn’t lint buildup at the exit. I’ve seen the exits completely clogged so that no air was able to escape. This will always cause destruction on the dryer as the dryer will overheat if the air is not able to vent properly.

What kind of vent ducting is best?
Solid ducting is better than the coiled ducting as it doesn’t clog up nearly as easily. Keep the distance for the air to make it outside as short as possible. The further the distance, the harder it is on the dryer to get all the moist air out of the dryer. If the distance is more than 12 feet, consider adding an in-line duct fan to assist in the removal of the air.

Where should the exhaust tubing exit the house?
The key here is that the air exits the house. Never exhaust a dryer inside a house as the moisture will only increase the chances of mold. Always vent out the side of the house if possible. Under the house only as a last resort, as it will just trap the moisture below the house, increasing the chance for mold to grow.

How many kinds of dryer power cords are there?
Four. Two different kinds of three prong, and two different kinds of four prong.

What kind of power does a gas/electric dryer use?
Gas dryers use 110 volts, so it will just plug right into a regular wall outlet and run fine. It won’t heat unless you have the gas hooked up (obviously) and turned on, but you can at least hear it spin and blow air.

Electric dryers use 220 volts (except for the very rare, small 110v dryers) You will almost never see these, and I would not recommend buying one. They take forever to dry your clothes. You would be better off using a clothesline.

What about the really old Kenmore dryers?

Don’t buy the model that only has one button. I think they are about 25-30 years old. Anyway, the motors on those things go out at an alarming rate if they are still hanging on. Still, I see them quite a bit and it’s a testament to the build quality of those old things.

The old brown/black panel Kenmore dryers are incredible. They were overbuilt, and I presume they will last until the end of time. If you are fortunate enough to have one of these beauty’s, repair it until the motor itself dies on you. (Which I don’t believe I’ve seen yet for those models)

How long should you expect a dryer to last before it will need repairs?

This is impossible to answer. There are too many variables, including how many loads per day, how big the loads are, how well the washing machine is getting water out etc. Then, there is no odometer to know how many loads have been done prior to you getting the dryer. Learn how to do some basic repairs, and expect maintenance to be occasionally needed.

How to transport a dryer?

Dryers weigh about 100 lbs and can be transported upright or on their side. Try not to slide them across concrete or pavement too much as it will just bend the little plastic feet. Also, don’t pick the dryer up by the control panel, it’s just held on by some little plastic clips and a few screws.

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(I was being contacted so often by people wanting to learn the appliance business, we built an entire training course that teaches people appliance repair and how to start and run your own used appliance business at

I’d love to hear your comments and please post any questions you may have below.


  1. Hey there, I have been reading your blog front to back and love it. I will be making a move into buying and selling soon as a second source of income.I have a couple questioned though. I know you focus mainly on appliances, so what is you take on dishwashers and refrigerators? Are they more trouble than they are worth? does it pay off to deal in them? And are they harder to fix? Keep I mind that I am pretty handy. Your take would be greatly appreciated. Thanks In advance.

    • Dishwashers seem to be more trouble for the amount of $ you can make on them. They are less expensive new, and most people have the store install them, as most homeowners don’t like hard wiring them, and plumbing them in. I think refrigerators are great item to buy and sell, but it’s going to be certain brands and you will want to learn how to repair them. Whatever you decide to do, try to focus on one appliance at a time and get really good at it before you go onto the next.

      • Thank you! I made my first buys 2 days ago. I got a gas dryer (which is the more popular version where I live) for $30 and a matching stainless steel stove and microwave for $60. What a buy! I can’t wait until my next day off to clean and re-post them. Thank you for being a true inspiration!

  2. Hey,

    You have encouraged me to start doing what you are doing. In the last two days I have bought two refrigerators and made pretty good profit on them. I am suppose to go pick up two dryers tomorrow, an old maytag and decent kenmore. Is it okay to transport them on their sides?

    • Awesome! Dryers no problem, side is better. Refrigerators get a little more tricky. You can do it, just let them stand upright for a day before plugging them in. Have the person have the fridge plugged in and cold for you when you get there to ensure that it’s working properly. Well done, keep it up!

  3. When you purchase a gas dryer, before you sell it, how do you test it? Do you hook it up to a gas line, or is there another trick that you use besides testing every component? You have been a great inspiration, not only for supporting my family financially and emotionally (as I can now be at home for them), but in life in general. We love to read your posts. Thank you so much!

    • Thanks Leon! I’m glad to help. We don’t sell as many gas dryers, but when we do, I have a gas dryer hookup in my garage that I can test them out with. Also, you can plug them into a regular 110 volt outlet and hear it tumble etc and will notice any obvious problems. If it was heating at the previous owners home, you can assume that it will work. Worst case scenario, if you don’t have gas to test it out on will be that you will have to refund your buyers money and take the dryer back if it doesn’t work.

      If you are going to sell many gas dryers, I would recommend getting the gas line for testing. Hope that helps!

    • I really like GE stoves as well. I’m not quite as sure on their sub-brands such as Hotpoint, Frigidaire etc I will try to write a stove/oven buying guide at some point here.

  4. Hi Ryan, I stumbled upon your blog page on google. Here is my question for you. My old Maytag Neptune front load washer is on it’s last leg. Apparently the bearings are going out and it has a hard time spinning when clothes are in the washer. I have been researching on what to buy for a good, dependable washing machine. Everyone tells me to stay away from the front load washers. They tell me to go with a top loader from Whirlpool, LG, or Maytag. They said stay away from GE, Samsung, and some others. I checked out the August 2013 issue of Consumer Reports and it rated front and top loader washing machines. The top 2 rated for top loaders were LG, WT1101CW and the Samsung, WA422PRHDWR/AA. I read a lot of reviews on both of these models and they go out of balance easy and on the Samsung people are complaining that the water pump fails and they get water everywhere. On the LG models, I saw that they use plastic mounts to hold the clothes drum in place, where as Samsung, Maytag, and Whirlpool use metal mounts. I heard that once those plastic mounts break on the LG, good luck! Your thoughts on the HE washer/Energy star? I am considering the Whirlpool WTW4800XQ or the Whirlpool WTW4880AW. I can get the first one at home depot for $374.99 and the second on for $519.99

    • If I had to buy new, I would buy a Whirlpool top loading washing machine. They work great, and when it needs maintenance, I’m going to be the one working on it. You can’t go wrong buying Whirlpool made washers. If you must buy another brand, go with the LG.

  5. Ryan, my dryer is against a wall, the vent is hard piped, there is a 90 in the wall so the vent goes straight up to & thru the roof. I don’t like this setup but I don’t see an alternative, it is not against an outside wall, I would have to run it thru a bedroom to get to an outside wall. it doesn’t have any additional help (fan, etc) to get it up and out the roof, there is an additional 90 degree roof vent, its been this way since the house was built back in 1979, I have cleaned around the exhaust vent cap at the roof every 5 or 6 years or so. There is some build up at the two 90’s but not a complete clog yet. we clean the bottom 90 every time we pull the dryer out (for repair, etc) Any suggestions? I am concerened that the dryer is having to work too hard.

  6. Ryan-

    Thank you so much for this great advice! I found your site by googling “are you better off buying a new appliance”? As a result, we were able to save a bundle buying a Whirlpool washer & dryer from craigslist with confidence.

    Thanks again!


  7. I need to move my Whirlpool Duet 120 miles in a station wagon. Can I place it on it’s back or side or should I rent a truck? Thank You in advance Dyke Miller Sedona, Az.

    • We really haven’t done much work on speed queen machines. I’ve heard they are pretty well made, but they are not very common to come across. My guess is that parts are going to be a good bit more expensive. You should always be able to find the parts online. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

  8. Which Kenmore dryer do I want–one with the vent on the top of the unit or inside the door?

    Thanks, Ryan. You are why the Internet is awesome.

    • Thanks Kara! I would encourage you to go with the style with the lint trap on top. I think it’s a better designed machine.

    • That blueish color that appears to have rubbed off from jeans is actually the undercoat of paint. As the dryer gets older, and the white paint gets worn down, it starts to expose the blue under paint. It’s a pretty good way of telling how much use a dryer has had. It’s just cosmetic, it won’t stain your clothes or anything.

    • Being in storage for the past few years is fine as long as you feel comfortable and can trust the person that is making the claim. Otherwise, people will often say their machines have been in storage and conveniently don’t know the current state of the machines. This is an issue because unfortunately most people aren’t very honest. So unless you are comfortable with the person that is making the claim, I wouldn’t buy out of storage unless you know how to work on the machines, as the likelihood of them needing work goes up even more.

  9. Hey Ryan!
    Thanks a million for the great advice on both a washer and dryer purchases from Craigslist. Now that I know what I am looking for (Whirlpool) I also have a better understanding of why my current ones have been such a PIA over the last few years and seem to be self-destructing. For the sake of slander I will not give the brands, but they are in your naughty list.
    My question – Whirlpool Imperial series – any thoughts? I have read good and bad reviews. Most bad reviews are that they are noisy. Any help is most appreciated!
    I am also seriously looking at starting my own Craigslist business and will definitely be looking at your online courses. Keep up the good work!

    • I would have to see a picture of the machine. If you can hear the machine work before purchasing it that would be good, to make sure you would be ok with the amount of noise it gives off. Dryers will slowly get louder over time and as their felt wears down. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

  10. I know you are not a huge fan of the stacked washer & dryer combos the are made by fridgidire, but is there a brand/model that you do like. My place is small so my only option is a stacked washer dryer combo. The unit I have now takes forever to dry plus its the type that only does one function at a time, which means my wash days last forever. My place does have two heavy duty electrical outlets.

          • Hi Ryan, thank you are your sage advice. So I finally located one of the Whirlpool stackable unit, but it was too big to fit in my washer closet. ? Does/did whirlpool make any of the 24 inch units. I cannot find any model with the panels at the top that are only 24 inches. Ive seen some where the panel looks like the one in the picture but the panel is in the middle not at the top. Was model number lte5243dq3 actually made by whirlpool. If not do you no any models that are/were? If not, what do you reccomend I buy as a second choice. Please help, I’m running out of options.

          • I’m pretty sure they made a 24″ set, but it’s going to be a bit harder to locate. I don’t think they are currently making a 24 inch unit, so it will have to be an older one, which is fine, just slightly more difficult to find. Hope you are able to find one. Sorry I couldn’t help more.

  11. Ryan, I am an appliance dummy.
    I have a little bit of a bankroll to the point where I can start buying and re selling appliances as a full time job, like I said I am clueless on how to go about starting this. It seems like there are so many different brands and random numbers on every dryer and washer I come across.. what I was wondering is, is there anywhere I can go to learn about how much used washer and dryers of all brands cost? im on craigslist in my local area and am just so confused and lost on if I would be getting a good deal or not. any advice would help. thanks brotha!

    • Hey Cody, thanks for the question. I actually put together an entire course/ training videos and private forum over at to teach people how to get into the appliance business. One of the things I go over is which brands to buy, how much to pay for them, how much to sell them for etc etc. Let me know if you have any other questions!


  12. I’m trying to sell a gas dryer. It’s a Whirlpool traditional dryer and I’m having no luck. I have it posted at $150 (originally posted for $250) on several sites. It’s only a year and a half old with no problems whatsoever. My new place only has electric hookups so I don’t have a use for it anymore. Do you have any suggestions on what I could do to sell it? Do I have it priced to high?

    • Gas dryers tend to take a bit longer to sell. $150 for a gas dryer in good shape is about right, but it can still take a few weeks at time to sell. I think gas appliances take longer to sell because people are a little more wary of buying a used gas appliance (fear of a gas related problem?) and there are more people with electric hookups (in general) than gas. It will sell, it’s just going to take a bit of time, and dropping the price even more probably won’t speed the process up. Hope that helps!

  13. I have a Whirlpool Gold ultimate care II dryer that I am looking to sell. Everything works fine, but we are relocating to a hu one with natural gas. How much do you think this dryer is worth? It is about 7 years old.

  14. Hi Ryan,

    I just stumbled upon your great website. A few days ago my Kenmore series 90 electric dryer no longer works when I push the start button. It’s 11 years old and I’m trying to decide whether to repair or bite the bullet and replace it with a comparable new one (amana) for $299 at the local Appliance Mart. Your thoughts on repair vs. replacement? Thanks in advance.

    • I personally wouldn’t buy a GE set for $50, so….. If they are in fantastic shape and you can trust the buyers, you might be able to get a few years out of them before they break. Just remember, there is almost always a negative catalyst (reason) that causes people to get rid of their appliances, and they will often not tell you the full story.

  15. Ryan-
    I love your posts! They are incredibly helpful and informative!
    My boyfriend and I need to get rid of one of our washer/dryer sets. His is a GE Profile set…4-5 years old. I have a whirlpool Ultimate Care II…about 8 years old. Both dryers are electric. Which would get the most money on craigslist and how much? Sounds like you prefer whirlpool as far as quality is concerned. Do you think my Whirlpool will outlast his GE?

    • Keep yours! Sell his. People like to buy newer, shinier appliances, even if they are junk. When it comes time to work on your whirlpool, they are very easy to work on and the parts are very cheap. Hope that helps!

  16. Hello again Ryan! I picked up a Whirlpool electric dyer yesterday but was unable to test it. It has a 4 prong cord, but my hookup in the garage is only for a 3 prong. Is there anywhere where I can buy an adapter so I can then test it out? I tried googling the same question I am asking you but couldn’t get a real response.

    • There is no adapter, you would have to make one yourself. You can buy a 4 prong wall mounted plug and snip off the ends of a spare 3 prong dryer cord, hard wire the snipped off end into the wall mounted 4 prong outlet, and plug the other end into your live outlet just when you need to test the machine. You can do this for the other 3 styles of power cords for testing. It will save a lot of time!

  17. Hi Ryan,

    I found your site yesterday and have read through quite a bit. I’ve done a little wheeling and dealing on Craigslist so I totally see how this could work well.

    I have a question about pricing, you said “Expect to pay $50 to $150 for a used dryer.” which I assume is what you are aiming to pay when you buy a dryer that needs some work? If so, then what is your target sale price?

    I’m sure model and condition are the variables, I’m just trying to understand how you determine market value of a particular unit when there are so many brands of various ages. I hope that makes sense!


    • Hi Jake, I wrote this for regular consumers, and those prices tend to be the going rate for machines on Craigslist. On the higher end is what someone should expect to pay for a machine that has been refurbished.

      People’s knowledge of appliances is fairly low, and good information about purchasing used appliances isn’t that easy for people to find (which is why I wrote this post) That said, most people purchase based on looks and color of the appliance and going rate depends on that particular market.

  18. Thanks so much for this guide! What do you think about purchasing a dealer from owner versus by dealer? Are those close out prices legitimate? Would it be in better condition from a dealer versus an owner?


    • Dealer is going to be a safer bet than owner, as owners rarely ever do maintenance on their machines. There are often issues with machines you buy from owners, and unless you really know how to inspect it can be more risky. You will pay a bit more for a machine from a dealer, but you do tend to get a warranty.

      Hope that helps!

  19. Hi Ryan,
    I just bought a Kenmore 70 series electric dryer for 150.00. The cord does need swapped out but the dealer will give us the cord at no cost. It looks great, runs great, and came with a 30 day guarantee and 90 day on parts. I thought this was a good deal because I know from my father that these dryers last a long long time. However, my husband, is NOT happy that I purchased a dryer that is 18 years old. He wants to return it but I think our luck with it would be far greater than with a newer one. Cost was an issue for us so buying brand new is not an option at this time. Can you give me your feedback on this purchase?

    • Hi Karen, thanks for the question. If that dryer is running great, and it sounds good as well (which indicates it has a good rear felt) then it could be good to go for years. A new dryer needs just as much maintenance (every 3-6 years usually) as a used dryer, except it’s going to be 3-8 times more expensive. I don’t think it’s worth buying new appliances, especially if one cannot afford to. That said, you and your husband need to be on the same page so that there isn’t finger pointing WHEN something happens either with this used dryer, or a new dryer if you end up taking it back.

      Check out today’s post and one way or another make sure you make sure it’s venting properly!

      • Hey Ryan thanks for the article. I recently got a kit and bypassed the top heat sensor. About 10 months later my Kenmore 180 stopped working. I suspect the timer. It makes a churning sounds when the start button is held in but no heat no drum motor. I think those are the parts you wouldn’t recommend replace right?

        • Hey Matt, I don’t recommend bypassing the thermal cutoff on those dryers, as that will allow the dryer to overheat.

          But if you hear a groaning on start up, that’s most likely the motor going out and a bigger, more expensive repair.

  20. I am looking at a really old Kenmore dryer with the brown/black panel, but it has one button that you push to start and one knob to change the cycle. The washer that I already have has the same brown/black panel, and when I called Kenmore, they told me that it was made in 1987. So, assuming the dryer is about the same age, with one knob and one button, would this be one you recommend buying? I don’t want to buy it if it is one of the models that you are seeing the motors go out on a lot.

  21. I have a dryer that was fine went I put it in storage but it has been about five years. Would the cold of my garage break it down in time or do you think it may last awhile? It had very little use and was a common brand. Thanks

  22. Hi Ryan! Love all the advice here. What’s your take on apartment sized washer and dryers? I’m looking to buy a set for personal use, and while I live in a house I’m not a huge load type of guy, and it seems like a decent deal. Both are actual Whirlpool, and from what I can tell they look pretty new and in good shape. Is there anything I should watch out for?

    • Is the the stacked/Whirlpool washer and dryer? If they are connected (aren’t meant to be separated) than those are great machines and you should be happy with them.

      Anything to watch out for? In short, try to see them working before you buy, any loud noises while running can be indicators that maintenance is needed. Clothes coming out wet is another thing to watch out for. Unless you really know how to inspect them yourself, you need to be able to trust the sellers that they are being honest about it’s condition.

  23. We just lost our washer and dryer to high mileage (11 years and 4 kids). Our kenmore stackable would dry normally at the start of the cycle, and after a few minutes would begin to sound like a airplane taking off! It also was really hot on the top where the cord is. Since I am not a fan of fire hazards, we are looking to replace the dryer. Any suggestions on a basic dryer that will do well with heavy use? Also, is there a certain age that is too old for a dryer?

    • That sounds like the Frigidaire made Kenmore stackable, which I encourage people to avoid. You can look it up on Google by searching for your model number and seeing who made that machine. If Frigidaire, just get rid of it.

      Any Whirlpool made standard dryer, should do fine. You will probably need Super Capacity. Try to find one that is very white inside, which is an indicator of little use and you can expect the machine to last a long time before maintenance.

      Also check our venting and clean if necessary. Hope that helps!

  24. Hi There,

    In your own opinion whats the best dryer out there? Reason for asking is that I am planning to buy a second hand dryer.

    Thank you in advance.

  25. We just moved into a new house and our dryer has a different plug than the outlet in the wall. I took photos and asked some people at Lowes who told me they’ve never seen this type of outlet and to call an electrician. After some googling I found your page with the photos of dryer plugs. Our dryer has a 3-prong plug with the L shape in one of the prongs (like your photo, bottom left corner)… but our wall outlet is a 3-prong, all straight prongs (top left corner in your photo). I would greatly appreciate it if you could tell me what type of plug this 3-prong (all straight) plug is. I’m unable to find anything on the Internet, and I’m still baffled that no one in the appliance department at Lowe’s could help me.

    • You just need a standard 3 prong plug with all three straight up and down, and they sell them at lowes or home depot. You can’t always trust the people that work there haha. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

  26. Hi Ryan,
    I love your site! Have been reading all you have written

    I am retired and on fixed income. Need washer and electric dryer but I need the largest I can get because I have two big dogs that share my house and Iist wash blankets and rugs on a regular basis

    What is the largest whirlpool top load washer out there you would recommend !
    Thank you and God Bless your sweet heart

    • Any of the Whirlpool made super capacity machines should do well for you. They are great machines. Just know that you might need to have our dryer cleaned every year or two because of the animal hair building up inside the lint chute area. Hope that helps!

    • They can be great. Only way to know for sure is to see it working and make sure it sounds good and doesn’t make any weird noises on start-up or while running. Hope that helps!

  27. I have an old Kenmore gas dryer Model # 87261 100 that was in a rental house I used to own. I don’t know how old it is, but it was in the house when I bought it in 1988. So it is 27 or more years old. The controls are on the right end of the control panel. The the rest of the panel is black, and has the words KENMORE and Heavy Duty attached near the left end. It has been stored, with a sheet covering it in my garage for the past 12 years. All readily visible components: i.e., outer surface, the drum and the lint trap, are in good condition. I have been approached by someone who would like to have it if it is still working alright. I plugged it in, and found that it still tumbles, but I don’t really want to disconnect my own dryer or my water heater to test out the gas drying function. I am considering just giving it away. Do you think it is worth anything if it is still fully functional, and if so how much should I ask for it? I would really appreciate your advice.

    • If it’s to your friend, maybe $50-$100 and give them a refund if it doesn’t work. It probably works, if it worked last time it was used. They can sit for a long time and not be phased.

  28. Hi Ryan!
    I have a Kenmore washer & dryer that is 17 years old. The dryer seems to take a long time to dry a load, but it is still working fine. What do I need to check? And no, I’ve never done any maintenance to it but I do have a lint lizard.
    Also, my washer has a balance issue. It started a few years ago; would start “walking” in the spin cycle. I moved to another apartment, and it stopped for an entire year! When I moved this last time, it started again. It seems to be okay if I use the permanent press cycle, but normal cycle is bad! It doesn’t matter if I am washing two tee shirts or an entire load, it still does it and makes so much noise, I have to sit on the top til it finishes! How can I fix this? I really don’t want to buy a new washer, because I believe the new ones are garbage.

    • There are three things that could be going on?

      1. Obvious first, but if the washer isn’t spinning the clothes very well, they will enter the dryer dripping wet. If the clothes come out dripping from the washer, the washer needs maintenance or to be replaced. Really wet clothes always take longer for the dryers to dry.

      2. The vent ducting from the wall to the outside of your house is probably clogged, and needs to be cleaned out. First check the side of your house, or where the vent actually leaves the house. Often times build up there can be pretty bad and block air from leaving. That will cause long dry times. While you are there, with the dryer on, make sure you are feeling a good amount of air flow. If you aren’t, try to look in and see how much lint is lining the ducting. It might need to be cleaned.

      3. The inside of your dryer could be clogged at the bottom of the lint chute. Lint and dirt can build up there so much so that it constricts how much air can be sucked out of the dryer. The worse it gets, the less air is able to leave the dryer and the longer it takes to dry your clothes.

      So check you washer, then vent ducting, and lastly your dryer. You should have your dryer cleaned every few years by an appliance repair person unless you are willing to take the dryer completely apart yourself.

      Hope this helps!

  29. Hi, just found your site and love the info. My question is how do I know ify Kenmore 70 series dryer is a gas or electric one? It’s over 15 years old, dries great. I have no issues with it but I don’t want to pull away from hookups if it is gas. Nothing on front says electric model. Any help is appreciated.


    • If it’s gas, it will have a little square plug on the front if it was made by Whirlpool. Also, the power cord on a gas machine will be the small 110 volt one, not the large 220 volt grey or black power cord.

  30. Hi Ryan,

    Hello from a fellow Oregonian. Thanks for the great articles. I have an ancient dryer that I inherited when I purchased my home from the estate of a 95-year-old woman. It seems to work OK, but I am trying to be proactive and am looking for a used replacement. Someone at work is selling a Kirkland washer (they don’t know the model or year) and a Maytag dryer (#mde7658ayw) and asking $375 total for both units. He says it’s because he’s moving and there are no hookups at his new place.

    I’m going to go have a look next week and will try to do test runs on both units if possible. Any other thoughts or things I should watch out for?



    • Hey Brian, for that price you should be able to buy a nice washer/dryer that has been completely refurbished and cleaned out and that comes with a warranty. So my recommendation would be to not pay even close to that much if you are buying it from someone that hasn’t gone through the machines. (consumers) Plus you would get them delivered and setup and still probably save money. I’ll shoot you an email or you can check out and send us message and we’ll get you a quote right away!

  31. Hi Ryan,

    This post is super helpful and informative. Hopefully you can help with my current dryer saga!

    I moved into an apartment in a two-family house with three other women last year. When we moved in the landlord told us we could use the washer and dryer that were in the basement, but that he wasn’t responsible for maintenance/repair…there’s a clause about it in the lease that I’m skeptical would hold up in court, but it is what it is. Recently, the dryer has been taking about three or four cycles to dry anything. One of my roommates found a groupon for dryer cleaning online and had a service come. When they came, they discovered that the dryer vented inside the house and refused to clean it, saying they wouldn’t be responsible for a fire etc. We then complained to the landlord, who had someone come and put a new vent in to the outside. The same guy also vacuumed out the inside of the dryer, but probably not to the extent that a real dryer serviceperson would. After all that, it still takes two to three cycles to dry anything.

    To have the original guy come back and do a real cleaning would be $100, and he says it would PROBABLY decrease the dry time, unless its the heat sensor which would be $50 to replace. So that’s our dilemma.

    Do you think we should we pay for the cleaning/possibly the sensor, or just try and get something refurbished for around $150? If you think we should just get a new machine, can you recommend a seller in Boston?


    • Roisin, here’s what I would do. Unhook the dryer vent at the back of the dryer and vent it into the room. Pull the dryer out from the wall so it has adequate room to vent. It should take about 50 minutes to dry when it’s unhooked from the vent. If it dry’s in that time, then you know for 100% certain that the venting going out of the house is somehow constricted or blocked up with lint. If it still takes 2-3 cycles to dry when it’s unhooked, then you will need to have the dryer looked at, or possibly cleaned out inside the dryer. I hope this helps!

  32. Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for all the great info. I bought a washer from a habitat restore with your advice from this site. My question is regarding a whirlpool estate gas dryer the landlord left off. He updated the gas line and vent. He said we are responsible for the repairs. The dryer spins and was not heating up so I replaced the fuse as advised. The dryer fired right up quickly. And then put a load of laundry in and it did not heat up. So not sure if you if the fuse blew again. Should I have this repaired or buy another used? I was quoted $60 just for the guy to come out and see it. Thanks so much.

  33. Hi Ryan, I have been reading your blog for a couple weeks now. This was an interesting article. You mentioned in your article that you encourage people to buy from a used appliance reseller (specifically ones with warranties on appliances) instead of private party. Now for those thinking about buying and reselling on craigslist, could we consider ourselves as a ‘reseller’ even though we can’t provide warranty or would we be considered a ‘private party seller’.

    Also, do you deal with newer, digital appliances? If so, do you notice they are more costly and time-consuming to fix?


    • Hi Jon, when I refer to appliance re-sellers I mean those that know the true condition of the appliance they are selling from experience. My advice is geared towards someone like my parents or a friend of mine. Who do I recommend them buying appliances from? The answer is from those that know the quality and true condition of what they are selling. It’s possible for consumers to know the condition, but it will require research and inspection, cleaning and testing.

      Digital appliances: The best example is ranges/ovens. The number of control boards on digital ranges/ovens that fail is astounding and you just didn’t see that on the mechanical versions of those machines. Same thing with many front load washers and dryers. It’s basically a little computer motherboard being subjected to extreme heat, water, humidity, shaking etc.

  34. Ryan, thank you for the post. My dryer is starting to have motor issues. I have a 5 cu ft dryer with a large family, it is trying and I have considered upgrading for a while. A neighbor has a whilpool 7 cu ft dryer for sale. He bought it for his mom 3 mo the before she died… She also lived near here. Upon her death 2 years ago, he moved it to his garage for storage and it has sat. For the little wear on it has, he wanted to sell it for $250 (he paid $800). He Haas all of the paperwork on it that shows he’s telling the truth. Because I am a neighbor and he knows us, he would like to sell it to us for $100. Should I be worried about it sitting for 2 years?

  35. Hi Ryan,
    This was a very interesting article and I have learned a lot from it. I did learn the hard way about GE dryers so I have now purchased a kenmore dryer the only thing is it never came with a power cord. I still have my old GE dryer with the right power cord to my house but my question is will it be okay if I used that power cord, or should I just go to sears and buy a new power cord for the Kenmore Dryer. I have tried researching if it would be okay but with no avail. Hopefully you can give me an answer thanks.

  36. Hi Ryan, you’re incredible, doing some really good work on this site. Thanks.

    About 7 years ago I bought a used GE Stackable 27″ washer and gas dryer. It has worked well for most of that time but has started squeaking when the dryer drum is turning. The guy I bought it from came out and replaced some padding around the outside of the back of the drum. It work all right for about a year and a half but started squeaking again and this time it’s not intermittent like it was before but constant, not always as loud as it was when the squeak was intermittent. I had a repair guy look at it, his cost to repair was $350 for bearings, belt drive and padding. That doesn’t seem worth it to me for a used machine that I don’t know the age of. Model number is missing.

    My question for you is do you think I should replace or repair this machine.

    My inclination is to replace it. I’m wondering if you still feel Whirlpool is the way to go? Which brand would you consider as the second best?

    Thanks again for your info and advice. Extremely good content.

    • Hey Howard, I would replace it this time and get a Whirlpool stackable this time, easier and cheaper to maintain. I’m not a big fan of those bearings in the GE dryers at all, or GE washers and dryers period. Hope this helps!

  37. Love your blog! Thanks for helping laypeople make informed decisions!

    I am debating whether to buy a used Whirlpool top loading washer and Kenmore 80 series as a set ($100) or a used matching Inglis washer and dryer ($175). The person selling the $100 set said that the dryer sometimes takes a while to dry but they think it is because their ducts needed to be cleaned. The $175 set does not appear to have any problems. Which set would you recommend buying?

    • Yes but try to only do it for a very short while, maybe 30 minutes or less. It’s best to keep them upright as a little bit of the transmission oil might leak out the weep hole (if it’s Whirlpool made stackable)

  38. Good article on used dryers, was very helpful. Grammar tip: the term for performing a task twice a year is semi-annual, not bi-yearly. In fact, “bi” is Latin for every other! Thus a bi-annual cleaning would occur every 2 years…

  39. This has been incredibly helpful in our search. i believe we have found a washer dryer set to purchase unfortunately its from an individual buyer off Craigslist so i wont have a guarantee of any sort. whirlpool dryer lgr7646eq1 and washer wtw5200vq2 in really good condition for $175. I was just wondering if you had any thoughts on those models or knew of anything i should look out for before buying?

  40. Hi Ryan,
    What do you think would be a good price for a used electric Whirlpool Duet Washer/Dryer? Model wed94hexw1 dryer and washer serial number C13250656
    Thanks for your time,

    • I would have to see a picture, but in general if you are able to get a nice working set in the range of $400-$600, especially for a duet set with a warrant you have done well.

  41. Hi Ryan, I’m going to post our complicated situation and see if you have any advice. When we bought our house, it came with a washer & dryer – we replaced the washer about 6 months ago with a new Whirlpool machine with no agitator, which we’ve been happy with. However, the dryer has now started making a grinding noise as it spins (which I think is something to do with the drum glides, but I don’t know a whole lot about dryers).

    The problem is this: the washer & dryer are in a small closet area with the dryer wall-mounted above the washer. It is a Sears Lady Kenmore 110.78495100. We don’t even know how to get it off the wall. Is this dryer worth paying an appliance tech to attempt to fix it? The only comparable sized dryers (things that *might* be mountable in the same place) are prohibitively expensive compared to full-size dryers. We’re considering buying a new standard Whirlpool dryer, but since it won’t fit the space, it will have to sit right outside this little closet and we can’t find the proper power cord in a reasonable length. 6 feet won’t reach, so we might be looking at the added cost of having an electrician out to install a new outlet if we go that route.

    Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide. 🙂

    • You have a good dryer right now, that is the right size for your situation. I would fix it. It’s going to be a simple fix and might not need any parts. It sounds like there might be some debris that has gotten embedded in the rear felt area which would cause the noise. Or it could need the back two roller wheels replaced, or possibly just a new felt. I would call a local repair person and explain the situation, give them the model number and tell them it’s a whirlpool made dryer with the most common parts etc. Where are you located? I might be able to connect you with a good dealer in your area. Hope this helps!

  42. I just got a kenmore series 80.
    It was from habitat for humanity store.
    I paid $500 for the washer and dryer set.
    The washer seems ok, but my friend who installed the dryer is worried about a burning smell and how hot it is after for a minute it bring on. 🙁
    Any thoughts? Thank you so much.

    • If you had this multimeter with temp probe, I would have you put the probe inside the dryer while it’s running. It shouldn’t be getting hotter than 215% inside. If it is, then one of the thermostats is broken, or a foam seal is broken allowing cold air to seep in and trick the thermostat that the dryer isn’t up to high temp yet.

      A burning smell that goes away after 30 seconds or so is fine, as lint occasionally gets on a heating coil and will burn off, not a big deal. If it keeps up, shut off the dryer and unplug it. Then you can take the back of the dryer panel off and look at the bottom of the dryer and see if there is any lint on the bottom of the dryer that needs to be vacuumed up. This is important. I bet they didn’t do anything to the dryer when they got it, simply flipped it. That’s why I recommend buying from a used appliance reseller as they will go through and clean the machine, which dryers need every few years. Hope this helps!

  43. I noticed when you answered on the kind of plugs dryers have, you didn’t mention any 110v. I’m presently looking for a dryer that uses 110v because I’m renting a house and can’t just have a 220v outlet installed.
    I’ve found a couple of dryers that use a regular 110 outlet (Sears has a few) but haven’t been able to find used ones. With my income, I have to find a used one. It seems like I would be able to find something since I live in a metropolitan area. Do you think craigslist is a bad idea in this circumstance?

    • Do you have natural gas installed there? If so, you can use 110 volt as natural gas dryers only use 110 volts.

      The 110 volt ones that use electricity to heat take over twice as long to dry a load. But if that’s your only option, they do have those dryers out there, but they aren’t very common, so will be harder to find.

  44. Ryan, Sure appreciate all the advice you’ve given out. You’ve convinced me to get a simple, top loading Whirlpool made washer.

    Wondering if a newer pedestal style dryer is worth having? Are they more efficient than the older dryers? Trying to be as energy efficient as we can…

    I will be looking for a gas dryer.

    • Awesome, glad to help! The new dryers are no different than the older ones, same parts, same technology, basic design etc. The main thing that has changed is the outer shell of the machines. I would just get a basic Whirlpool made dryer with the lint screen on top of the machine. Hope that helps and gas is a great way to go, very cheap right now!

  45. HI Ryan,
    I went to my local reseller to see about a dryer. Is there any way to tell how old a dryer is. I was looking at Kemore 80’s and 90’s. I think there is also a 70. Does that tell you anything about the age? Or is one a more a deluxe model??

    • Get the model number and you can search google for “how old is my dryer” and there is a website that you can enter in the model number and find out the age.

  46. how much is a reasonable price for a 1985 used kenmore electric dryer in good working condition serial #M50432957 it has the black and brown panel and i read where the review one like this is really good and says if you are lucky enough to have one to keep it but if i decide to sell it what is a reasonable sell price for

  47. Hi! Fantastic info here…we have an older GE dryer that’s been heating up severely, will burn your hand to touch the back or inside back of drum if held there too long, afraid of a fire! My boyfriend is taking it apart to clean and check for lint…it has started to squeek a bit when spinning just recently as well but perhaps the cleaning will remedy that too. Been thinking about getting a Whirlpool from Craigslist but wondered if it was worth keeping our old one of it cleans up and quits overheating? The old GE is “heavy duty”, black paneled one with two cream colored switches on the left for start-up and heat levels, brand name in middle, and one knob on the right with red and orange colors around the knob and red/orange pinstriping type squares around each of those “sections”. We’ve had it for at least 5 years and got it from a friend who had it for goodness knows how long!…the Whirlpool we are lookin at is just $100, has a top pull-out type lint screen but only has one control knob on the left and a grey rubber push-button starter on the right with brand name just above that…wondering if this sounds like a decent one for the price barring it works and sounds ok and we definitely open it up and check for/clean lint…thank you for your time!

    • I would get rid of the dryer! Bearing is going out for sure, and there are at least thermostat issues as well. Not worth repairing that particular machine in my opinion.

      The machine you described sounds great. All those Whirlpool dryers are great!

  48. We have a Whirlpool gas washer and dryer in the home we purchased 2 years ago, unsure of how old they are. The timer is no longer working on the dryer. From what I was reading here, this is an expensive fix and we should replace, is that right? Or would it be worth fixing? Thanks for your input!!

  49. I have a kenmore 3 temp high speed dryer and need a drive belt..cant find a model no. it is round stretchy no idler pulley about 37 inches long vintage 1965 need a model or part no

  50. Hi Ryan, I found your website sometime before I moved into my new place, which can only house a stackable 27” gas washer dryer. I read your recommendations to get a Whirlpool unitized model and to stay away from others. Well that was a few weeks ago, and I am now living in my new place and still have yet to find what seems to be the holy grail of unitized w/d. Most places around me in the Costa Mesa CA area seem to have bad reviews as far as used appliance stores go (some reviews even mentioning unwelcome guests stowing away in the appliances ew!). So I have been calling the same two places over and over hoping that they get a Whirlpool stackable in, while they try to steer me towards their Frigidaire Electrolux and Kenmore models. I am becoming slightly desperate, and I was wondering if you recommend any other unitized models to widen my search? Also, I found that some Kenmore models are made by Whirlpool, but you had mentioned that the unitized ones are made by Frigidaire. Are any of the unitized Kenmore stackables made by Whirlpool or those are all Frigidaire? Thanks in advance, been using my buddys place to wash clothes lately, but would love to get this taken care of.

    • No there are some Kenmore models that were made by Whirlpool. Get the model number and then you can either look it up at and see who made the parts, or send it to me at and I can check for you. Hope that helps!

  51. I have a 1986 Maytag Fabrimatic washer. Had the matching gas dryer(we bought these the year we were married)but the dryer died in 2013. We replaced the dryer with a gas Whirlpool and it works great(after reading your information, I am super glad we went with Whirlpool). Now back to the washer. Even after 31 years it works WONDERFUL!. I do 3 loads of wash a week. Reason I love it is the way I do laundry a)start the water.b) ad the detergent.c)put in the clothes d)add fabric softener to the cup.d)turn off the machine and let the clothes soak for 45 minutes.e)run the machine. Now my question. If/when I have problems with the washer, is it still possible to get parts for this old a machine? I would rather repair it than replace it as the new machines they make today lock after you add the clothes and you can’t soak them. Machine just starts running after you fill it up. Plus, the workmanship is not the same. My Maytag has a porcelain tub and was made in Iowa. Thoughts Ryan? Thank you

    • Probably via ebay and possibly some of the online parts places. Also some older appliance repair techs will have older parts for machines that they have kept in stock. Glad you got some great machines!

  52. My 29 year old Whirlpool dryer runs fine when empty but squeals and groans when it has a load in it, so I suppose it is telling me it is time for a new one. I’ve been looking at a new mid priced Kenmore ($700 on sale for $400) or a used Kirkland Whirlpool ($100 and 90 day warranty). After reading your helpful comments above I will probably go with the used model. My question is, I’ve never heard of the Kirkland unit – are these specially made for Costco? Is there any increased value/ energy savings in the “moisture/temperature sensors” of the new models versus an old model? And finally, which type of dryer door do you prefer? I’m used to a drop down door, but so many of the models have side opening doors. I feel like I will break it every time I go to open one they are so tight. Do side opening doors need repaired more than drop down doors? Thank you in advance for the reply.

    • Kirkland was made by Whirlpool for Costco, it’s the same as all other Whirlpool dryers. Great machines! There could be savings using a moisture sensor as it could turn the dryer off sooner than on timed dry depending on how wet your clothes are and how big the load is. But if load sizes are usually about the same size it’s always going to take around the same amount of time to dry. I prefer the side opening door style as that indicates lint trap on top, which I believe was a better design. Hope that helps!

  53. Ryan, I have inherited a Frigidaire Washer and Dryer to sell. Both were bought new in 2000. Both are in good running condition.
    Can you please give me a ballpark selling price for these units and which website/avenue do you suggest that I use to sell these items?

  54. Hi Ryan, i just put in a search for an amana dryer I have to sell, and your blog came up on top! And boy am I glad it did! Wonderful info on here. So thank you for taking the time to share your expertise on dryers! Would value your opinion regarding my current situation, if you get a chance to reply. I just moved to an apt, and my 2 year old Amana dryer is a 29″, and wont fit. So i posted in a buy/sell/trade group, to either trade for a 27″, or sell mine then purchase a used. No responses for a trade, but was offered $100, for mine, which I listed at $150. IYHO..should I hold out, see if I can get closer to my asking, or is $100 a pretty fair number? I’m needing to sell quickly, but don’t want to give away, Secondly, a seller texted me info on 27″ dryers he is selling for $125. The one I selected to buy is a Whirlpool, not sure what model, he said it was 5 years old (It looks older though), and he had just replaced the heating element. He also listed a kenmore 800, again not sure about age, but also refurbished. So my question(s), is it normal to be replacing parts like a heating element on dryers only 5 years old? Is it likely that something else is wrong internally that caused it, and it will go out again? Or that it’s just a bad unit, and other stuff will go out? I unfortunately don’t have the extra $ to purchase from a retailer, and have to go this route. I’m gonna defiantly see if I can swing by and have him start up before deciding on buying, as you suggested. Besides the loud noises, and white drum, anything else I should look for or ask this guy? And would I be ok with either the kenmore or whirlpool if all checks out? I apologize for the novel, and appreciate any advice or comments you can offer! Thanks so much!

    • Hi JoAnn, I would only hold out for top $ on your dryer if you can wait longer, then you will eventually get your price. But it’s up to you how long you can wait. Best situation is to either bring it with you and sell when you get your price, or store at a family or friends garage when you get your price.

      Heating element going out could have been a sign that there was another issue, usually venting related. It should be fine now though. So I would say either of those two options you are looking at would be fine. Hope that helps!

      • Thank you for your reply Ryan, I took your advice and decided to wait a bit longer on selling my dryer. I didn’t want to sell it that low, and reading your reply eased my mind in deciding. Again I really appreciate you taking the time to respond to my questions! You helped a bunch!

  55. We are looking at a Samsung DV45K6200GW (Dryers – Gas). Good price – on sale now for under $400, but I am not sure of the ease of finding parts and doing repairs ourselves. My husband has always insisted on fixing himself, and has been patching our Frigidaire dryer for years. How difficult is it to find parts and do repairs on this type of dryer? I would rather the regular type Whirlpool, but the price is higher. Maybe worth it? Thanks so much for any advice!

  56. 02/28/18: Mr. Ryan Finlay, good day to you Sir:
    I purchased a used Frigidaire Affinity Gas Dryer Mdl: # FAQG7111LWO Ser: 4030502000. By the prior comments, I was taken by very dishonest people in the price and its condition.

    Dryer functioned up to par first few loads. However, then it started trippin the Thermal Limiter. I’ve preformed countless of disassembling unit to gain access to electrical system following Function Test Sequences, Error Codes thru trouble shooting chart to no avail…..

    I’ve replaced thermal limiter twice (I’ve figured out how to untrip limiter to reuse), instead of repurchasing it. I did replace “High Limit Thermostat”, along with “Control Thermistor and Electrical Gas Coils”. I’vd completely cleared out all debry and flint from dryer exhaust and roof vents…..

    In addition, I’vd followed up on “On-line and “U-tube for hints for possible overheat conditions. I’ve tested exhaust heat at dryer vent hose with “Digital Heat Infrared Thermometer”. Readings for “High Temp” settings are normal 160-180F degrees. I’ve even run settings at “Casual” using “Temp/Dry” settins at “Normal” with no use of “Max nor High” temp setings….., even then. It contiues to trip “Thermal Limiter” !!!!!……

    Before I forget, I’ve also checked “Control Heater Relay” at “Electronic Board” and checks, okay !!!!!
    I’ve also traced wiring through-out mahine for shoted wiring, found nothing…..

    In performing “Function Test Sequences” and reading of ‘Error Codes” it continues to display “Error Code #E56 along with #017, in which, the “Trouble-shooting Chart” doesn’t list them in the provided “Dryer Tech Data Sheet”…..

    Furthermore, the test codes wouldn’t clear. Sir Ryan, could a fauty “Electronic Control Board” cause the “Thermal Limiter” to trip and/or be putting out wrong “Error Codes” ?????

    Sir, in my own theory of the dryer’s heat temp thermal sensors (Limiter/Thermostat). I’ve attempted to raise their height away from the heat of the “Burner Vent” to lessen the heat exposure on their sealed bottom end. It hasn’t changed a darn condition from the tripping of the “Thermal Limiter…..

    Sir, am I a sore and stuborn person to contiue trouble-shooting in the dark with this lemon or what am I over looking in my trouble-shootng ????? Should I, just give it up and buy another unit ????? New, its out of the running. By your past comments, should I search for either a “Whirlpool or Mayrag” model. I read comments, that Sears Models 70, 80 and 90 seem to have good reviews fron your fans on-line ?????…..

    Sir Ryan, thank you for reading my disertation on my dryer’s demise. Please, I would appreciate your reponse as soon as you have the time…..

    Pete R. Madrigal Jr.

    • Hi Peter, try pulling the dryer away from the wall and disconnecting any vent hoses from it. Basically let it vent into your laundry room for a load. Open doors so the moist air can dissipate. See what happens. That will give you a clear idea if the venting is plugged and impeding the air flow which could cause the dryer to overheat.


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